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About Cornella Nalls

Cornella Nalls, CapaAcademy@gmail.com, childcare provider, singer, actor, teacher.

Hi! I’m Cornella Nalls – owner and director of Creative Academy of the Performing Arts (C.A.P.A). Growing up in a Christian household, my grandmother would always take me to church. There I developed a love for the performing arts. The church we attended had a junior choir that I was a member of. The youth ministry at the church also put on short productions for events such as Easter and Christmas.

By the time I turned eleven years old, my mother opened her first daycare center for children. As I grew older my mother taught me how to be an effective teacher and how to run the business. During the same time, I performed in theatre productions in high school, then in college and into adulthood. As a young adult I realized very quickly that I had two passions in life. I loved teaching children and performing at the theatre. When I figured out what my passions were, my purpose in life was also birthed. I decided to open a preschool that focuses on teaching through the performing arts.

I have worked in Early Childhood Education for nineteen years. I have a Child Development Associates with a VPK Endorsement and Directors Credential through the Department of Children and Families. I am C.P.R, First AID and A.E.D certified through the Red Cross. In the Spring of 2020, I will graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I have performed in community theatre for twenty-one years and stage-managed productions for twelve years. I was trained to read music and play an instrument under the tutelage of Abe Alexander. For two years I studied theatre under the direction of Professor Julie Gagne (Chair of the Valencia Character Company). I have been in a total of seventeen productions at theatres spanning from Florida to Georgia. I still perform at community theatres locally and take classes through the Department of Children and Families. I understand that I will never get too old to work on and perfect my craft.

When I am not teaching at the preschool or performing at the theatre, I enjoy being a wife and mother. My family and I love going to the beach, Matanzas Inlet, jet skiing, snorkeling, fishing and visiting other countries. Traveling is the best way for me to learn about other people and their cultures. I am a lover of documentaries, superhero series like The Flash, Super Girl, The Arrow and reading books or watching shows that deal with Science.

I like learning about our world, animals, and how things work based on a scientific analysis. Photography is another thing that I love to do. I have covered many nature, family, weddings and graduation photo shoots. Making tutus are fun for me as well. I love to sew.

If you would like to learn more about our school’s curriculum, programs or would like a tour please contact us at:
Phone: (386) 313-5029
Email: info@capaacademy.com

Thank you for reading my story! Please feel free to look around our website. Have a fantastic day.

-Cornella A Nalls


What Our Parents Say

“My daughter loves C.A.P.A. and so do I. She is learning to sing, dance, play musical instruments all while being enrolled as a Florida Virtual Student. We are looking forward to an amazing school year!”

Stephanie Jamison

Stephanie Jamison

“This is a very unique program and much needed in our community. The owner is a wonderful person full of love and ambition. Your children will definitely enjoy her program, I highly recommend.”

Monica Anderson

Monica Anderson